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B a b y s  h e a l t h  
Baby’s health
B a b y s   h e a l t h

Baby’s health is one of the most important concerns of parents. Not only newly made mothers and dads have questions about health of their baby, but also fully experienced parents constantly have them.

F e e d i n g  

Your baby is growing, actively learns the world. And for that he needs a lot of energy, vitamins and other nutrients. In this section you will find everything you need to know about baby nutrition and the harmonious development of your baby.

C h i l d  d e v e l o p m e n t  

And here in your family settled a little happiness - a baby was born. With each month he will grow up and delight you with his new skills and achievements. Choose your baby's age and find out what's interesting for him at this age.

Розвиток дитини
W h a t  e v e r y  m o m  n e e d s  t o  k n o w  

Oh, how it’s not easy to be the perfect mom. And do you know that the baby does not expect this from you? After all, he needs first and foremost - a happy mom. And you can read with a cup of tea in this section, what you need to know about motherhood.

Що потрібно знати кожній мамі