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B r a n d ` s   l i f e

Hello, let's get acquainted.

My name is Iryna Varagash. And I'm the mother of two wonderful sons.
But I'll tell you one secret - I've always had three children. And the third child is Malatko
I am a happy mom because I have had an extraordinary opportunity to watch how the brand being born, to take the first precarious steps, to play with our little consumers, to develop and win your love.
And everything has begun simply.
From the main.
I became Mom.

Життя бренду

Unfortunately, I had to feed my first-born with infant mixtures. I remember how I worried that my baby would have perfectly safe and balanced feeding. I remember my confusion when I carefully read the label of the infant formula and saw there the inscription: "Dilute with special water with balanced composition". I remember my desperation, where to get such water? In Ukraine no one heard of this.

How to protect your baby and do everything right? Not only me, but millions of moms around the world are asking themselves these questions every day.

I enlisted the support of my husband and decided to act. Two years of researches, hundreds of sleepless nights, the powerful team of professionals - and in 2001, the first special baby water Malatko appeared in Ukraine. My second son was the first who tried this water. And he smiles at you from the bottle, like my unchangeable maternal product quality guarantee.

Today Malatko is 22 years old. And this is a whole line of quality baby food for every taste and age. Baby juices, purees, biscuits, cereals... Each product has its own story. And I, as any mother, can spend hours talking about the features and achievements of "my children." But I will say to you one thing. Each of the Malatko products has something unique. Whether it's a special balanced composition, or ergonomic packaging, or an unusual cap, unique recipe, mental tastes, eco-friendliness, or all these characteristics together.

But the basis of everything has always been and remains the main thing - the quality of the product.

For this reason, we are expanding our production facilities, using the latest technologies of preparation and storage, exploring new trends in the market, using the latest technologies of production of baby products, apply the highest international standards of production and thoroughly research the quality of the products in our laboratories.

And every day we listen to you carefully, and create products with understanding of your needs and aspirations.

I'm the mom.
And I'm proud of my kids, my brand, and my team. We know what are love and care not just in words. And we really want the future of our children to be healthy and happy. That is why we go through this difficult maternal journey with you every day. Day and night, we constantly worry about our little ones. I know, being a modern mom it is not easy. After all, there is so much to be done - to feed, to clear-up, to take care of the baby's health and take care of its development. And also you want to look great, to travel, to be engaged in personal realization and don’t stop there.
So, while designing this site, we not only wanted to tell you about ourselves, but also to help you free up your time. I hope that here you will find the answers to all the questions regarding Malatko and that this site will become a platform for our communication with you. The place where you can openly share your ideas, comments and wishes.
We made it simple, convenient and useful to help you get useful information in just a few clicks, to have possibility buy products, feed your baby with tasty and healthy special food. And to save time for the most precious - to your baby.

With love and care for you and your babies,
the founder of the Malatko TM
Iryna Varagash